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Stud reduction Sale September 10

A huge success was our stud reduction sale 10 2016. Auctioneer Hannes Harms worked relentlessly to achieve the best possible sales of our equine silverware on offer. I can not say enough good things about my team of helpers who literally worked until the cows come home. Buyers came from within Germany, the US, Netherlands, Belgium and Greece. Several horses and Ponies sold locally, others will have an airplane trip ahead. Most of the youngsters are to remain on our farm to be raised or trained. From our Hanoverian gone Oldenburg sporthorse breeding program founded in 1968 came among others a full sister to our retained SPS Lois Greenfield who sold to Paderborn in foal to Quadroneur. The Welsh with the longest route ahead is Hanmere Goldfinch who is to tentatively travel to his new home in Thessaloniki in the spring of 2017. From the riding ponies SPS Divine has the biggest journey ahead who sold to a superb new home in New York. It was an awesome experience. I was super pleased with how well the sale was received both locally as well as from abroad and what a multitude of help I could rely on from family, friends and clients who came in to volunteer. We even had student interns from years ago fly in to offer their help, in one case physically flying in from the UK specifically for this visit. For a first time event I think it went incredibly smooth and with any such occasion there were a lot of things that came unforeseen. For instance I didn't know we would need 3 people and run out of landlines to handle telephone bids. Will there be another sale? Not anytime soon - afterall it was a stud reduction sale. But it certainly was an exciting and new event and a lot less stressful for the horses than selling individually or travelling to a far away event. So I am open to see what happens in the future.


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